Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit from Vijaya Bank Debit/ATM Card

Vijaya Bank is one of the popular public sector banks in India. It is known for its exclusive customer service due to which the bank has lacks of account holders throughout the country. If you are also an account holder of Vijaya Bank, ensure to go through its money transaction usages. Money is something that everyone wants and at any point of time you may require a hard cash to complete any urgent task. With complete knowledge about money withdrawal limit from Vijaya Bank Debit/ATM Card, you can easily plan your monetary transactions.


Withdrawal Limit from Vijaya Debit Cards Per Day:

Vijaya Global Debit cum ATM Card has money withdrawal limit up to Rs. 30,000 daily and Rs. 10,000 daily for V-GenUth Savings account. Shopping limit per day is Rs. 50,000.

Vijaya Bank RuPay Kisan Debit Card has money withdrawal limit up to Rs. 30,000 daily and shopping limit per day is Rs. 25,000.

Though the world has become digitized and these days most of the people prefer online shopping using their credit card or payment transaction methods like Paytm, the value of cash is still exists in India. In many places, such transaction methods are not accepted. Make sure to stay updated about the money transaction methods and use your Vijaya Bank Debit/ATM Card smartly.