Maximum Daily Money Withdrawal Limit from Allahabad Bank Debit/ATM Card

If you are an account holder of Allahabad Bank, you should be aware of its usages. Withdrawing from its ATM can give you a good idea about the transaction limitation and then it would be easier for you to make your financial plans with proper knowledge. Allahabad Bank comes up with lucrative deals with its Debit Cards. You can use such offers and gain rewards points. There are several ways to use such reward points for your benefits. Debit card reward points can be redeemed to get cash back or get discount.


Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit from Allahabad Bank Debit Card:

  • The type of debit card you have with Allahabad Bank also matters a lot when it comes to ATM withdrawal limit.
  • Daily money withdrawal limit from Allahabad Bank Debit Card is up to Rs. 25,000. Additionally, you can do daily shopping from Visa Debit Card up to Rs. 25,000.
  • Daily fund transfer from one bank account to another is up to Rs. 15,000.

Allahabad Bank International Debit/ATM Card:

If you want to get complete freedom to do your monetary transactions, Allahabad Bank International Debit/ATM Card is one of the best options for you. The debit card is a safe transition medium. With this card, there is no worry about financial transactions. You can simply withdraw money from ATM and make use of it as per your needs.