Was Mahatma Gandhi A Gay?

Being an Indian, I admire Mahatma Gandhi a lot and I don’t want to disrespect his noble soul. He had been a great freedom fighter for not only India but also for black people in South Africa, who fought with non-violence and helped in making this earth a better place to live.

There is a lot of search on Google about Mahatma Gandhi and his sexual orientation. People want to know whether he was a gay or not. This made me eager to write this article and come up with some useful information about Gandhi’s sexual life.

Letters of Hermann and Gandhi:


A report suggested that the Indian government was looking to buy the letters of Gandhi and Hermann. Those letters were up for sale by the international auctioneers Sotheby’s in London. This raised eyebrows of Gandhi’s followers in India. As per the Press Trust of India, the Ministry of Culture was even agreed to give a huge amount for these letters, between $775,000 and $1.1 million to store a number of photographs and letters at India’s National Archives.

A book which mentioned about the physical relationship between Hermann and Gandhi was banned in Gujarat (the birthplace of Gandhi). The book was written by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Joseph Lelyveld.

Letters of Gandhi and Hermann Kallenbach Go On Auction

Relationship of Gandhi with a Bodybuilder:

Later on, these letters were unveiled by India’s national archives, which raised many speculations about his love relationship with a man. Many of his followers don’t agree with this revelation and strongly condemn it.

In 1904 Hermann Kallenbach met Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa. After their long discussion about various social issues, he got influenced with the views of Gandhi. He always praised Gandhi’s thoughts about equality of human beings. That was the time when both of them became close friends. Gandhi mentioned himself and Hermann as ‘soul mates’. They also stayed together in a house called Satyagraha House.

The intensity of their relationship had been revealed by the archives. Their letters have so many things that can create confusion among Gandhi’s fan followers. But his personal life had nothing to do with his point of views and kindness for human beings. People like him do not come on earth so often.

He had an arranged marriage with his beloved wife Kasturba Gandhi in 1883. At that point of time Gandhi was just 13 years old and his wife was 14 years old. They had four children from their marriage.

Some people believe that a simple friendship between Gandhi and Hermann was misinterpreted into a love relationship. Whatsoever may be the interest of Gandhi, his soul and memories always deserve respect from those who believe in humanity, equality and peace.