Love Cum Arranged Marriages In India

In the recent years the trend of love cum arranged marriages has increased in India. Most couples want to know each other before marrying. This type of marriage ensures a great bonding between two individuals. This also decreases any misunderstanding after marriage because during the love relationship the couples have time to know each other. During that time they look to get the best life partner.

The concept of love cum arranged marriage has gained popularity mostly in urban India. In this type of wedding first couples select each and other and then take permission from their parents. If everything goes smoothly, parents give their approval for marriage. Then the wedding takes place by following all traditional rituals.

Love cum arranged marriage is based on the concept of mutual understanding. In many arranged marriages people are forced to choose a life partner. However, love cum arranged marriage has something that can increase smiles on the faces of lovers. It provides more freedom to choose a life partner. Marriage is such a special event of life and an individual should have the right to select his/her life partner. Such types of marriages only bring happiness in two families.

In such kinds of marriages, the couples are responsible for the things that will happen between them after marriage. So parents can also feel free to not get blamed for their forced selection in arranged marriage. This is another reason why love cum arranged marriage is getting more prevalent throughout the country. The narrow minded approach is also changing and people are becoming moderate and opened minded.