Love and Affection: The Best Gift On Women’s Day

Today is the International Women’s Day and when the whole world is celebrating it, there is a question that comes to the mind of every man that What gift should I buy for my woman? This woman can be his wife, sister, mother or a friend. I think the best gift that one can give to a woman is love and affection. A true love is what all women want and for this, they can do anything.


Bow Down To Feminist Men:

Sadly, there is no men’s day exist in this biased society. But there is something for men to cheer up. A good man is always in the favour of equal rights for women. In this men’s dominated world, if such men think about the gender equality, it would be great help for the society to treat everyone evenly. I am a feminist person and I think of women empowerment. Here I am not asking people to bow down before me, I am just trying to tell that the feminist men should get a great respect.




Message of Former Miss USA Nina Davuluri On Women’s Day