Joint Pain Relief – Exercises, Home Remedies and Stretch Exercises for Knees

Joint pain commonly increases in the winter season. So, if you are also suffering from it, you need some special care. Whether you are standing up, sitting down or doing any work, you can feel it very easily. If you want to reduce its effects, you can follow these suggestions:

  • Keep your body warm and active as much as possible in cold. Use leg warmer to cover your knees. Do not forget to wear kneecaps when you are standing up and walking.
  • Whenever you exercise, try to find out the pain. If it becomes more in any position of your body, you must consult your doctor for the right treatment.
  • Avoid those tasks from which you can feel more pain (at the time of performing any activity).
  • Regular exercise is another way to stay away from knee pain. There are some simple exercises to build your knees strong and stress them freely.

Exercises to Build Your Knees Strong:

  • Roll your towel on the floor and put your knees over it. Press it a little and count from 1 to 5. In this period, you need to maintain the same amount of pressure. Do this exercise at least 10 times in a day.
  • Sit on a chair and keep your knees straight. Hold them for about 30 seconds. Repeat the same activity for 5 times on both the legs.
  • Stand straight in front of a wall and then lift your thigh towards upward direction. Do this exercise for 5 times.

Home Remedies

You can try some of the following home remedies to get relief from joint pain:

  • When you go to bath, you can use boiled water. This will provide you some relief from joint pain.
  • You can also rub any oil in the affected area.
  • Drink tea which is made from the seeds of papaya which is beneficial for joint pain.
  • Besides this, eating fry clove is a good medicine.
  • Garlic gives relief from pain.
  • Drink half little tea spoon turmeric with the boiled water.
  • Drink fresh juice to get instant energy.
  • Apart from this, rub the area of pain before going to sleep with hot vinegar which is also the right way to remove join pain.
  • If we talk about yoga, exercise like Gomukhasana can heal the problem.
  • Drink lots of water to clean your body.
  • Use hot and cold water to compress to the painful area.
  • In your food, you can use oil which is rich from omega – 3 fast acid and vitamins.
  • Take one part of the kerosene oil and mix it with two parts of olive oil and rub this in the painful area. But if you can rub only olive oil after making it hot, this will also be beneficial.

Stretch Exercises for Your Knees:

  • Sit on the bed and stretch your knees. Take a towel and put it at the bottom of your legs. Pull it after holding its both corners. This exercise is also helpful for back thigh. Repeat it for 10 times.
  • Stand up on the floor and bend your knees. Then hold your one leg with your one arm. Doing this can help you stretch your front thigh. After doing this for 1 time, relax for a minute and then repeat it. You can do it for about 10 times.