Is Surya Namaskara Yoga Asana Against Islam?

Can you ever imagine that a simple exercise is harmful for any religious belief? I certainly can’t and have never thought of it before the latest controversy over Surya Namaskara Yoga Asana. Recently a Muslim cleric in India said that practicing Surya Namaskara pose is an anti-Islamic act. This becomes a hot topic to debate on Twitter and other online and TV news channels. Now non-Hindu people are confused whether to follow Surya Namaskara asana or not as it might give wrong impact on their religious sentiments. During this tough situation people are also thinking to take it as an exercise and perform it for their better health. In my opinion as well Surya Namaskara is a simple workout that you can do in the early morning to feel fresh and laid a good foundation for the rest of the day.


What Is Surya Namaskara Asana?

Surya Namaskara is called as Sun Salutation in English which is a common yoga asana. The posture has been followed since ancient times. Yoga was started by Hindus so it is mainly termed related to Hinduism. However, in today’s time yoga asanas have been practiced throughout the world in different religious communities including Muslim nations. It has nothing to do with religion. Similar to this Sun Salutation is also a simple workout that can be practiced by anyone.

In this asana one needs to give salutation to sun or Surya. In Hinduism sun is considered as a Hindu deity. However, sun is a part of the nature and anyone can give salutation to it. There is no restriction to any religion to not perform such act and it never harms or affects anyone’s faith.

Worshiping The Nature:

Praying the nature has nothing to do with any religion even though it was supported by many Muslims. Recently the United Nation (UN) General Assembly embraced the Resolution, declaring June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. The 46 members that supported India were Muslim countries to pass the resolution. That shows that Muslims are not against yoga and its exercises. This is the pure misbelief that yoga asanas like Surya Namaskara can be harmful for their religion.

When you worship the nature, it will give you a great feeling that is unimaginable. Nobody can steal your right to love the nature and sun is also a part of it. By doing Surya Namaskara asana you can not only become closer to the nature but also get an opportunity to learn about it. That’s something every human being craves for.