Is Hinduism the Mother of All Religions?

Hinduism is an ancient religion followed by billions of people throughout the world. Hinduism is the third largest religion of the world, after Christianity and Islam. It includes Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Shaivism amid many other traditions and a number of prescriptions and laws of daily morality depending on dharma and karma. Hinduism is not only a religion but a way of living. Hinduism was born in India, but its followers can be seen in different parts of the world.

In Hinduism the priority is given to humanity and all religious people are treated same. There is no discrimination among people as per their religion. Even men and women are treated equally. Hindus are told not eat animal flesh. Vegetarianism is the top priority of Hinduism. However, religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism do not have the same faith. Unlike Hinduism, many Western religions have meat eating authorized in their holy books.

Which Is The Oldest Religion?

Hinduism dates back to an ancient time. I doubt if there were any religion like Christianity and Islam during the time of Ramayana or Mahabharata. At that point of time only Hinduism was prevalent throughout the world. Signs of idol worship were found in many ancient civilizations like Indus Valley Civilization where idols of Hindu gods like Lord Shiva were worshiped. It is one of the main proves that Hinduism is the oldest religion.

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