IPL Cheerleaders Are Hot But Not Attractive

In Indian Premier League (IPL), there is no rumor of stars’ affairs. Even in fast 20-20 cricket cheerleaders are not looking as attractive as previous seasons. Their glamour has gone away and spectators are showing less interest in them. Previously, hot dresses and wonderful figure had made them popular, but now they got another looks that does not suit them and audience.

The charm that we saw in earlier seasons in cheerleaders has suddenly diminished. There was a time when many spectators specially bought tickets to see smiling and appealing cheerleaders. In earlier IPK seasons when beautiful girls came on the ground wearing short dresses and danced, something exciting happed that gave memorable moments to cheerleader lovers.

Behenji Cheerleaders:

People call behenji to those women who look backward. Though, it can be also use to respect any women, only women not hot girls. No girl wants to hear behenji, especially when she is a center of attraction. But it seems that the boring looks of cheerleaders have diverted the mind of their fans from them.

Those girls who should show their maximum energy on the field become dull and exhausted because of their incomplete makeup, lengthy dresses and hair styles. Moreover, their body is also not in a well shape. May be they have not prepared them well for IPL.

Many spectators stated apart from spending plenty of money on players there should be a policy to keep certain money for cheerleaders’ look. Traditional dresses are good but only in cultural activities. After watching cheerleaders, people think that they are in the republic day parade rather than on IPL ground.

Cheerleaders with Old Tricks:

If cheerleaders are restricted to follow their teams’ tradition, at least they can come up with new tricks to attract people. Spectators are sick of watching the same old dance steps. Even they do not look at cheerleaders when they give their dance performances.

In foreign, cheerleaders make special plans in soccer and rugby league matches to raise the moral of their team players and also entertain the crowd. And this passion for work is surely lacking in IPL. Though, the interest on cricket is still on the higher side, it is also important to take other major aspects of Indian Premier League seriously so that it always runs on a good track.

Fashion designers are also amazed to see their looks. They give advice that cheerleaders’ get-up should not be ignored in such a big event. The trend of same dress for all the girls needs to be changed as their particular body shapes and nature textures.