Inspiring Story of Kangana Ranaut’s Sister Rangoli

Acid attack is one of the most common crimes against women in India. After such tragedy, the victims commonly get into the trauma or take any wrong step to her life. Even it sometimes leads to a suicide attempt.


The brave Rangoli Chandel (Kangana’s sister) has experienced such incident but she still survived and now she is living a happy married life. At the age of 23, she was attached with by a boy who was in one-sided love with her. Her life totally changed after that. She went through 57 surgeries! She not only suffered from physical pain but mental as well. She lost one ear, she has dysfunctional breast and on top of it she has lost ninety percent vision in one eye.

Kangana wanted to make a movie based on Rangoli’s life but Rangoli said nobody will like it. The movie will be a big flop. Kangana said her sister is luckier than her because Rangoli has a loving and caring husband and she has not yet find a man like him in her life.

Rangoli talked about the trauma she has suffered from in an interview with Plastic surgery is not easy and I got a new face, Rangoli said.

Her Marriage:

Rangoli was in relation for two years with her fiancé who was working in Air Force. She was pretty happy with her parents’ choice for her fiancé. But the acid attacker was in unrequited love with her. During that time, her friends used to compare her with Aishwarya Rai because of her big eyes and beautiful features. After the acid attack, her fiancé ditched her and left away. Later on, Rangoli fell in love with Ajay, her childhood friend. They dated for four years. At last, they got married and now they are living happily. I salute to men like Ajay who understand the pain of acid attack victims and become a part of their life.