Indians Working in Higher Positions with Google


Lalitesh Katragadda

The Head of Research for Emerging Markets of Google including India. He wrote for the Google Map maker. As per him all the barriers like different languages do not affect online users to get maximum benefits from online platforms like Google and find out relevant information.


Manik Gupta

The Senior Product Manager of Google Maps. He is presently living in Mountain View, California. He was previously working in Bangalore as the product manager for Google Maps and Local Search for India / Google Map Maker. He has completed MNA from Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. Moreover, he has done Computer Engineering (B.A.Sc.) from Singapore.


Nikesh Arora

The Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer. He supervises all customer operations and revenue along with partnerships and marketing tasks. He has been working with the search engine giant since 2004. With Google he has worked in various positions. Recently, he led global direct sales operations of Google. He is responsible for developing and managing Google’s operations in the markets of Africa, Middle East and Europe. Moreover, he is involved in creating and exploring strategic partnerships in these areas. Before joining Google incorporation, he was working with T-Mobile Europe as the member of management board and chief marketing officer. He has completed master’s degree from Boston College and MBA from Northeastern University with distinction. Prior to these degrees, he did graduation from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi, India.


Sundar Pichai

Working as the Google Android Chief Mr. Puchai made India as a proud nation because of his incredible talent. He has completed B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur. He has been working with Google since 2004. He is the head of Google Chrome and operating system of lightweight computers. Though he is not focusing more on advertisement and sales, his achievements can be seen in increasing demand of Google Chrome for past 4 years.


Amit Singhal

The Google Fellow & Senior Vice President. He has been working with Google since 2000. Mr. Singhal completed BS in computer science from Roorkee University. To improve the Google searches, he has worked a lot through IR techniques.


Vic Gundotra

He is the Senior Vice President, Engineering (Google +). The Indian origin search engine giant’s well-known professional is living in Mountain View, CA. He loves the power of advanced technology and software.


Krishna Bharat

Principal Scientist (Google News). He is the main scientist of Google, working in algorithmic support and user interface for content analysis and web searches. He has done Ph.D in computer science in 1996 from Georgia Tech.

Other Indians working in top positions with Google are as follows:

  • Biswanath Panda
  • Guha Ramanathan
  • Shumeet Baluja
  • Benedict Gomes
  • Nikhyl Singhal