Why Indians Prefer Arranged Marriage?

Arranged marriage is mainly preferred by Indians. It is done as per the customs, traditions and religious beliefs. This is the reason why in conservative societies such type of wedding is the first option. Arranged marriage also provides enough scope to child marriage. The prevailing form of wedding is extensively followed in all parts of the country.

Parents and relatives play a big role in arranged marriages. They talk to the parents of other party and with the help of pandit (Hindu priest) they fix the wedding date. Arranged marriage can be forceful in which parents force their son/daughter to marry an unknown person without their will. At times it is even arranged when the child is very small. Nowadays, this trend is changing. Educated boys and girls prefer marrying someone whom they know very well. Even in arranged marriages they like to talk and try to know about the person whom they will marry. This gives a better chance to select the best life partner.

Hindu marriage is known for arranged marriage. To meet the social obligations the parents prepare them financially and mentally. They seek a perfect partner for their child considering social status, caste, religion, creed, status and family background. Traditionally, the cost on the marriage is borne by the bride’s family and ornaments and gifts are presented to the groom’s family. Alas, this has created a bad dowry system in the society which has impacted the society and girl’s rights.

Indian arranged marriages differ from one community to another. Wedding ceremonies are significant and religious. Rituals and customs are almost same everywhere in India just their way of following them differ.

Conditions for Arranged Marriage

Traditionally the society does not support opposite sex people to meet and get involved in any sort of relationship prior marriage. Elders prefer their children to consider arranged marriage. Parents look for good earning, well-settled and educated families for their children’s marriage. They also have a close look at the caste of other family.

Present-Day Arranged Marriage in India

These days, youngsters hardly believe in caste system. Even in arranged marriages they prefer communicating their partner and become friendly so that they can learn about each other in a better way. However, caste system is still prevalent in some parts of India, mainly in rural areas. This is a social problem that is causing the country.

The process of Indian arranged marriages differ from one community to another. But it’s such an auspicious day for the bride and groom. On the wedding day, they feel like special persons on earth.