Indian Girls Want Early Marriage: Boys Won’t Agree for Marriage

It is the fact that at certain point of time in our life, we need a life part. The situation is same for boys and girls. But in India where girls get married so early which is one of the main reasons of ever increasing population in the country that has created so many problems. Parents just want their daughter to marry a well-settled boy and get relief.


In love relationship as well, most of the girls are interested for an early marriage. They just want to marry a guy whom they love from their heart. On the other hand, boys have totally a different point of view in this matter. Indian boys easily get married even after 4 – 5 years of actually age of marriage. Thus, they do not have any tension for such aspect of life. After a certain age, it is difficult for Indian girls to get a right guy for marriage (it is not always applicable but most of the times the situation remains same).

Boys Want To Build Their Career

Though, there are many boys in India who destroy their studies and student life because of love relationship. It does not matter for them whether they are in one-sided love or both; they just want to badly love someone. However, there are a few intelligent guys as well who give preference to their career. They know that at the end a well-reputed job will help them to survive their livelihood.

After marriage, parents and relatives demand for good news i.e. children. This is another problem that boys avoid. They do not want any tension in their life and no burden of a family. However, girls are too emotional. They want to get settled with kids and want to marry a guy whom they love.

Boys Have Many Affairs: Girls Want Their First Love

Most of the guys are flirty from their nature and want many girls in their life. But Indian girls always want to stick with their first love. Being with one partner creates more emotional attachment in girls. Some boys also play with the emotion of girls by giving them bogus commitment about marriage. This breaks the heart of innocent girls very badly.

There are some self-centered girls as well and they just want to cheat boys by using their money. But their ratio is lesser than those boys who just want to use girls to pass their good time. After enjoying with girls they just start ignoring them and break their promise for marriage.