Indian Girls Smoking and Drinking

Girls Smoking and Drinking


Oh Mama Mia! How girls behave after drinking and smoking especially in Indian wherein girls are known as paradigm of culture? Hmm. Surely not similar to when they are in religious places. Nowadays, girls have many male friends who invite them for a party and you all know boys’ parties are incomplete without drinking and smoking. So, girls also get a great opportunity to enjoy their good time and try something different.

The number of girls who smoke and drink has been increasing in India. Around 4% girls in India are used to of these bad habits. Most of them are from cities. Even they do not feel shy to make circles of cigarette’s smoke in front of elders. They also smoke openly in public. But Indian culture says to respect seniors.


Smoking percentage is higher in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore than Punjab, Assam, Kolkata and Kanpur. You can find many girls walking on the street or working in an organization with puffs of cigarette.

Working Girls Drink and Smoke More

According to latest study, it has revealed that working girls consume more drinks and cigarettes than homely ones. In Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore many working young women stay alone or with roommates. They do not have any restriction of their parents. Therefore, they enjoy their lives without any trouble. However, the practice affects their health very badly.

You can find many call centers girls who work in night shifts smoke plenty of cigarettes and drink tea and coffee to stay awake. Whole night they work and when they return to their homes, they do not take proper rest because of anxiety. Many times, they drink alcohol with their friend circle.

Health Related Concerns to Girls from Drinking and Smoking

World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the increasing population of girls who smoke and drink excessively can create major diseases. Children death and pregnancy problems are also in this list. It is said that a woman is complete without kids and if any girl unable to birth a child, the situation can be very annoying. In India, people call a lady with an abusive name who cannot give birth to any child.

Cancer is another major disease that can occur due to drinking and smoking. It can happen to both the genders male and female. Some of the girls try to compete with boys and show that they can perform all those activities that guys do. But the competition should be in a right manner not in bad habits.