How An Indian Arranged Marriage Is Fixed?

Indian arranged marriages have different types of processes that vary from one community to another. There are many people in India who have diverse beliefs and faiths. Parents look for well-settled bride/groom for their child. It ensures that their child never face any financial problem in the later part of their life. Engagement is done to secure the wedding. Traditions and rituals are followed religiously. All steps are taken care very seriously for a successful wedding so that two individuals tie a knot and become for each other forever.

Horoscope Matching:

The first and foremost step is horoscope matching. By doing this process, the priest (pandit) finds out the signs that match in both girl and boy’s birth horoscopes.

Exchange of Photos:

Once the horoscopes are matched, the families of both girl and boy exchange their kids’ photos. As per their preferences, they make right selection for their prosperous spouse.

Family Background Inquiries:

For the safety of their children, most of the families often conduct an inquiry for other’s family. During this process a character check is also done. Everything is inquired related to brothers, sisters, mother, father and their close relatives. They dig out all the past and present record of family members to know them properly. If they find everything suitable, they precede further to make a relationship.

Negotiations for Dowry:

Dowry negation is not done in every community. But there are some communities where boy’s family members openly ask for dowry from the girl’s family. Dowry is a big social evil that needs to be demolished for a better society.


Ring ceremony takes place in engagement. Both the girl and boy exchange rings on each other’s finger. This pre-wedding ceremony is celebrated in presence of many guests.

Wedding Day:

As per the selected wedding date, the marriage takes place. All religious rituals are followed by the people to conduct the wedding. Then both bride and groom tie a knot and become husband and wife.