How to Paste Data in Visible Cells in Microsoft Excel 2010?

Filter is one of the common functions that many people use to make their work easier in Microsoft Excel. However, when the data gets too large, a situation occurs wherein you have to paste data in Visible Cells. It is also possible in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Here are the steps to paste data in Visible Cells in Microsoft Excel 2010:

  • First of all, you have to click on the first cell where you need to paste data and select the same value of the first cell from where you want to take data. You need do it by clicking =A1 (in case the first cell is of A column).
  • Now go back to the area where you want to paste data. Select all cells below the first cell and click F5 from the keyboard. A pop up box will appear, select “Special” from the box and then choose “Visible cells only”.
  • All the bottom cells will get selected. Select the first cell and paste in all the visible cells. The same data will be pasted.