How to Make A Video On YouTube With Photos and Background Music

If you have searched so many websites on Google and still unable to find a free and suitable one to make a photo slideshow video with background music, there is no need to worry. YouTube is the best website which provides you an option to create Photo Slideshow. In the mentioned below video, I have tried to explain how you can do that.

Highlighting the option to make video
Highlighting the option to make video

Steps to Make A Photo Slideshow Video On YouTube:

To make a photo slideshow video on YouTube, you first require a Google account. In the video, you can see that I have signed into YouTube using my Google account.

  • Then you just need to click on “Upload” on the top right-hand side of the homepage of YouTube.
  • The next step is “Photo Slideshow” that you need to select.
  • You can choose photos from your already created album in Google Drive or select images from your computer.
  • Select as many images you want and click on next. Also, make sure to drag images in the proper sequence.
  • You can select the track as background music of your video from the given tracks. Now simply click on Upload and complete the process.



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