How to Make A Video from Computer Screen Recording for Free

I use BB Flashback Express 5 Recorder which is absolute a free software program to create videos from my computer screen. It is easily available online to download. Once you are down with the downloading process, you need to enter the licence key and do the installation. The licence key will be emailed to your email id and you don’t need to pay for that.

Video Creation Process:

  • Open Flashback Express 5 Recorder and click on File and then Make New Movie.
  • Click on Red button and start the recording. Also, tune in the sound option.
  • Once the video is completed again click on the red button to stop the recording.
  • The recorded file will be in FBR file extension that you need to convert into AVI extension.
  • Click on export after opening the file video and select AVI and start exporting.
  • Under Codec, select Microsoft Video 1 and click on OK.
  • Just save the video in AVI file extension.