How To Grow A Bottle Tower Garden

If you want to start a bottle tower gardening, you are at a right place. I will explain you everything about how to make bottle garden and how to grow money plant in glass bottle. Environment friendly people would love to grow plants through whatever sources they come across. Today, I will tell about another innovative method in gardening that can help people build a small plastic bottle wall garden outside their house and be a part of the healthy and green world.

I have even done an experiment and made a garden using plastic bottles for growing plants at my courtyard. It not only looks beautiful, but unique as well and people admire the garden and praise my innovative idea. The best part is that I used recycled containers such as buckets, water bottle, plastic bottles, soda bottle, pots and garden water jug for gardening. The containers are arranged like bottle towers. The approach to do something different pays off when people praise it and I felt same when others give positive feedback to my unique garden.


What Is A Bottle Tower Garden?

A bottle tower garden determines from its name, a small, sealed and self-made bottle garden. It has several features that make it an attractive garden. Gardening using plastic bottles is very interesting, if done properly. Just try out the method once and see how much you can do on your own.

Benefits of A Bottle Tower Garden:

  • Gardening in plastic bottles can be a suitable gift that you can present to your friend or you can help him build a bottle garden. The eco-friendly gift will surely be liked by many of your friends.
  • Recycled household materials can be used to build a beautiful garden ecosystem.
  • A true satisfaction comes when you see a growing plant and the same will happen when you observe bottle plant growing on a daily basis.
  • Growing plants in glass bottles are good to have fun with your friends or family. The small garden can be placed anywhere like home, office or school. Kids would love to play in the bottle garden.
  • With the help of bottle garden, you can bring greenery to a garden or lawn with less space.
  • Maintenance cost of bottle garden is very less so you can easily maintain it in less money.
  • Bottle garden is attractive and unique. It is an ideal decor item for your home or office.
  • Less water and sunlight required for bottle garden.

How To Make A Bottle Tower Garden?

There is no need to spend plenty of money to set-up a bottle tower garden. You can simply make it using the waste materials available in your house. Common materials required to complete this task include cheesecloth, sand, gravel and activated charcoal. A bottle garden will look stunning without adding lots of stuff. Gardening with plastic bottles is the best practice with limited resources.


A wide variety of materials can be used to make plants in plastic bottles.

Jar Or Clear Glass Bottle: First of all, you require a clear glass bottle or clear jar to plant a tree. Ensure that whatever you choose to plant should be clear so that the plant is visible.

Soil: Without soil it is not possible to make a bottle wall garden. Get some soil from the garden or park and put them inside the bottle.
Plant: Choosing a small plant is an ideal option. Use groundcover plants to plant plastic bottles.

Chopstick or Pencil: You also need a chopstick or pencil to help grow the plant.

Additional Materials:

Decorative Items: If you have garden sense, you can put lots of decorative items as per your interest. Shiny pebbles, glitter and marble are eye-catching that you can put around the bottle to showcase. These items will add charisma to your garden.

Compost: Add a little amount of compost by chopping its bits and place it to the bottom of the bottle.

Coffee Grounds: Mix coffee grounds with the soil to keep the moisture in the bottle for proper growth.

Tips To Grow A Bottle Tower Garden

Cleanliness: A properly cleaned jar or bottle is necessary for the growth of plant inside it. Clear it on a regular basis and remove extra items from it.

Chop The Compost: Ensure to chop the compost and then only mix it’s small pieces to the bottle.

Add Coffee Grounds: Mix coffee grounds with the soil and don’t skip this step as it is important to make your soil productive.

Seal The Bottle Garden: It is important to get sunlight in the garden to grow the plan. Also remember to tightly cover the lid.

Moisten The Soil: To moisten the soil, put some water to the soil. But remember to not fill the bottle completely. Excessive water can spoil the plant.

Add Soil: Limited amount of soil is healthy for the plant. Fill the jar or bottle up to 1/3 of soil for proper soil ratio.

Arrange Soil: Once you fill the bottle with soil, arrange it gently. Fill each corner of the bottle in the same level.

Hole: A hole is necessary in the bottle that you can make using chopstick or pencil.

Plant: Lastly, you need to add a plant to the soil. Don’t cut the roots of the plant to grow it properly.

Decorations: You can add decoration items to the plant as per your wish. I would suggest you to decorate the bottle garden using spare items available in your home.

You can even use sealed glass bottles to grow plants but make sure to use quality glass of bottles so that it does not break. Bottle terrarium plants are also well-known for their uniqueness and exclusive looks.