How to Go Away from Your Ex-Girlfriend

Are you tired of repetitive calls, SMS, emails and other mediums to contact by your ex-girlfriend? Do you want to end the chapter and forget all the moments spent with her? Being a boy, it’s really annoying to reply stupid and illogical questions. Really the head comes to the toe and boys start feeling frustrating about their past.

Any relationship should not be forceful and it should be two sided. But there are some psycho ex-girlfriends who just want to make their ex-boyfriend’s life hell. They may also do it to just take a revenge of something which they have dreamed for (like marriage, family, kids etc.) that spoiled.

I am here to help out those guys who just want to start a new life and forget their bad past.


Don’t Be A Victim of Any Blackmail

No periods this month. I am pregnant. Very soon you are going to become a father. I will call your parents or relatives and tell about our relationship. I have our undressed photos to send your family. There are some common blackmailing tricks that any vicious girl can employ against you. But you have to act bravely and try to find out the reality. If you had made safe physical relationship or seen during her menstrual period, there is no need to worry. You can also use a trusted Test Tube to determine whether she is actually pregnant or not.

Stick To the Breakup Fight

Make sure that you always bring the breakup fight(s) in between the conversion. It helps you keep memories of those bitter experiences in mind so that you would be able to give solid answers of her questions.

Make Her Realize That Now You Are Happier

Be blunt and straight to tell her that now you are happier without her in your life. You can spend more time with your family, concentrate on your studies, job, and other important tasks in a better way.

Not Made for Each Other

If partners do not have good understanding with each other, it is really tough to imagine their future together for whole life. Even if your ex-girlfriend is thinking about patch up, try to convenience her that you both are not made for each other.

Time to Move On

It’s neither good for you and her to always remember your past memories and cry when there is no scope of getting back into the relationship. Give an advice to your ex-one that she should move on in her life and find someone better person. This might change her mentally and she will start searching another man.

Stop Replying

If all above tips do not work, at the end you have only one option left i.e. stop replying her. Let her call you thousand times, never pick her phone. Even you can switch off your mobile phone for sometime or change your phone number, if it is not that important and you have not spread it too many people. Ensure that you keep track of important phone number or save it to your phone before changing your number.