How to Get Advertising Jobs

Are you planning to build your career in advertising? If yes, let me tell you friends it is a broad field which offers a number of jobs.

  1. First of all, you can get a job in a radio station, a newspaper agency, a television network or a magazine.
  2. Job opportunities are also available in manufacturing sector like a brand manager.
  3. Retail sector also has a number of options such as advertising manager, art director or copywriter.
  4. The last but not the least, you can get a job in an advertising agency.

All these platforms require professionals who have mastered the world of advertising. Experience also counts a lot when it comes to getting a good job.

There are many copywriters who have migrated to advertising agencies. And, time-buyers have moved to broadcasting networks. Such changes occur often because of so many options. Professionals can also switch their jobs as per their comfort zone, job satisfaction or financial requirements.

The atmosphere in advertising agencies is astonishingly stimulating. Something always happens in their arena. You will never feel bored in hothouses (agencies). For those people who want to learn new things throughout their lives, it is the best field. All these agencies are international and offering jobs in Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe.

Beginning of Your Career

In initial stage of your advertising career, what you learn is the key than what you earn. You need to spend your more time in learning tactics to handle different aspects which you face in this profession. Once you get knowledge and experience, you will definitely start receiving higher remuneration and job offers.

Agencies spend a lot of time and money to train their fresh employees. Seniors also spend good amount of time teaching and training them for all the situations. It is a creative profession which provides enormous options to show your creative skills. So, never follow others for all the practices put your thoughts into play.

There are many developing countries where advertising is in boom. I can see many advertising campaigns in Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia which are better than Europe and United States.


Copywriters are not most visible in advertising agencies, but they are essential people. Without them it is really tough to write proper campaigns’ related stuff. They have ability to think broadly and visually. However, TV ads depend more upon on visual presentations than words.

Account Executives

The lead role of account executives is to properly extract the desired outcome from different departments in an agency. They stay in touch with clients. In some of the agencies, account executives are paid more even than the brand managers. So, it is a good choice that you can consider as a full time profession.

Art Directors

If you want to work as an art director, it is necessary to have proper training or experience in film, photography, typography and layout. These not only give more scope to get a good job but also to perform entire art director’s work efficiently. As print has gone out of the fashion up to a certain extent, most of the art directors have turned into television producers.


For a good job in research department, you probably require a degree in psychology or statistics. Additionally, you should have sound knowledge of writing and analytical skills. If you know how to tackle different types of people and work with them, this is the best profession.

You will come across many knowledgeable and creative people. To stay in this profession, you have to come up with new ideas as a researcher.

Chief Executive Officer

The most difficult job in an advertising agency is undoubtedly of a chief executive officer. It is important to have leadership skills to manage people. Apart from it, you also need familiarity with finance and administration. Salesman skills are also required to bring new clients and deal with them properly.


People working in media should have a good analytical mind. This can help them to evaluate data, perform stable work under pressure and formatting different tasks.

Creative Director

I have created the following list that you require to work as a successful creative director:

  1. Ability to set high standards
  2. Good in psychology
  3. A good recruiter and teacher
  4. Skilled administrator
  5. Share positivity with others and accept your mistakes
  6. Capable of positioning (strategic thinking)
  7. Familiar with accounts and packaging of goods
  8. Avoid quarrel
  9. Research-minded
  10. A quick learner
  11. Good in print and television
  12. Well-versed in typography and graphics

Women in Advertising

Women are now more demanding in certain advertising sectors like modeling. They have even better command over English in comparison to men. Beauty also plays an important role to attract people toward specific products and services.

Hiring and Firing

It is really difficulty to stay in an agency without performing well. You have to give the expected performance all the times to avoid any problem in your job.