How to Clear MBA from Symbiosis Pune (For Non-Regular Students)

If you want to clear MBA from Symbiosis, you can do so very easily by following a few simple tips. With a good guidance it has become easier to not only clear MBA course from Symbiosis but also get comprehensive marks. Many non-regular students do not get adequate help because they do not get time to attend regular classes. Even they do not able to see teachers and get their guidance. Online portals are not enough to completely understand the short cut ways to clear the MBA course.

Are you searching reliable information to complete your Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (MBA) from Symbiosis Pune? If yes, you are at the right stop. In this article, I will share with you some handy tips including my experiences which helped me a lot to get the MBA from Symbiosis.


Join Groups: There are several online groups specially created for Symbiosis students from where you can come across many seniors or other students from your specialization. Symbiosis student groups are very famous on Yahoo and other portals.

Read Via E-Learning: You will get an online account with Symbiosis along with user name and password (You can also modify the account information as per your wish). After signing in to the online account, click on the E-learning option. There you can access program related to specific subjects.

How to Clear MBA from SCDL Distance:

Go Through the Course Books: Almost 90 percent questions come in exam from the course books which the university administrative department sends to students’ homes.

Book Exam on Convenient Day: Make sure to book an exam on that day when are you free and have enough time to study. Also, give around 4-5 days of gap in each exam so that you get more time to revision everything properly. You can also select an appropriate location as per your convenience to avoid any problem.

Find Study Material Online: There are many websites on the internet where students upload their assessments with answers. You can easily find them via search engines like Google. Make sure to select only latest study material as per your current syllabus.

Keep an Eye on the Exact Type of Objective Question: The paper is divided in separate divisions in which you’ll get questions in single choice, multiple choices, true or false and fill in the blanks. Sometimes, people do not read the right type and select a wrong option. Thus, you should always check this aspect up front and click on the right button.

Online Video Tutorials to Understand More: Part time students usually face problems in studies due to lack of live classes. But you do not need to worry. There are many lecturers who publish videos of their classes on online video sharing sites like YouTube.

Study as Per Your Specialization: In first two semesters, the study pattern and examination type remain same. However, in third and fourth semesters, you need to give exams according to the specialization. Thus, it is necessary to read accordingly to score good marks.

Keep an Eye on Important Dates: In order to avoid any unexpected situation, you should always cross check the important dates like last date to send demand draft to book exams, booking examination date online etc.

Send the Project On Time: At last after cleaning all the exams, you need to send a project to get the diploma. Send it without any delay and become a successful post graduate in business administration.