How to Become the Best Fast Bowler – Some Techniques for Bowling

Do you have passion for cricket and fast bowling, but unable to find a place in high level teams? There can be a number of reasons behind it. First of all, you should find out those points about which you are not sure. By doing so, you will learn many things about this sport and make most out of it.

Bowling is an important part of cricket. Without it, it is difficult to win the game comprehensively. And it is required in all the formats of cricket whether it is a Twenty20, one day or test match. When it comes to fast bowling, the first thing which comes in mind is the speed and stamina. These two aspects are very crucial but apart from them some others are also crucial.

Here are Tips to Bowling to Improve Your Bowling Talent:

Change of Pace: These days, most of the bowlers are using this ploy every now and then. Usually, they look for slow delivery when a batsman starts attacking and tries to hit big shorts. But remember to not give any expression so that he comes to know about your tactic. To move the bowl, you should use your fingers very smartly.

Look for Bouncer: As you know that one bouncer is allowed in one over. However, there are many fast bowlers who do not apply this strategy in their bowling. When you bowl it over batsman’s shoulder/head, it would be really tough for him to the hit shot. And there are more chances of going the bowl in the air. You can also get wicket, if any fielder is nearby.

Think about Yorker: Oh! It’s really a tough to hit the ball under your stumps. It’s like you miss and I hit situation. If the batsman misses the ball, it will probably hit the stumps or his pads. In case it stuck on his pads in front of stumps then still he will be declared out by leg before.

Hard Appeal from Umpire: Sometimes, bowlers do not get wickets due to half appeal. It all depends upon the umpire whether he gives him out or not. Therefore, you should show him that you are right and shout out loud confidently. Also, tell your wicket keeper and other members to appeal for the wicket.

Hold the Cricket Ball Correctly: The best fast bowlers always grip the ball tightly so that they pitch them on the exact spots on the pitch. A few better bowling tips that include ball griping tactics are surely helpful. Remember that you need to grip the differently for fast bowling unlike off spin or leg spin bowling.

Don’t waste too much time on net practice sessions with bowling machines. Rather watch videos of world’s best fast bowlers especially from West Indies, South Africa, Australia and Pakistan. There are a few Indian fast bowlers who have achieved a high rank in fast bowling in international cricket. So, make someone your idol and enjoy fast bowling.

Apart from all these tips, you should remember that you can beat a batsman from your speed as well. It is a main weapon of any bowler. Thus, always try to be as fast as possible but do not forget to pitch the ball on the right spot.