How Many Days Girls Use Chota Recharge

Boy oh Boy, I cannot say about your source of money but I can really guess the amount that you spend on mobile recharge. To impress a girl and win her love boys try so many things. Poor boys are not only innocent but also not aware of the ploy that some of the vicious girls play. It seems that girls take over advantage of boys’ emotions.

Do you really know how much money boys spend on mobile recharge monthly? Hmm. Sometimes it goes more than their pocket money. On the other hand, if you calculate girls’ expense on mobile recharge, it would not be even 10 percent of boys. You can find the same situation with girls who are studying in school/college or working ones.

The talkative behavior (in born attitude of girls that nobody can change) of girls becomes a one of the biggest reasons of headache in guys. They continuously talk for many hours and helpless boys have no option apart from nodding their heads with affirmative replies.

Chota Recharge: Hit Mobile Recharge among Girls

Have you ever seen any girl in telecom shops recharging her mobile phone by Rs. 100? It may be true my friend but it’s very rare. Mostly, girls go for chota recharge. And Rs. 10 recharge is their favorite one (it is a minimal top-up available with telecommunication companies, otherwise they will select Rs. 1 or Rs. 2 recharge).

Many boys said that girls use Rs. 10 recharge for whole month or 2 – 3 months. Only god knows the endless limit of chota recharge’s usage period. But it is the fact that they never let their true love (chota recharge) die very easily. Girls seek utmost opportunities to utilize it for long period. Oh god! If they rule the entire world, they will use Rs. 10 recharge to eternity.

Recharge for Only Missed Call

Missed Call – these are not only a few words for girls but their heartbeat as well. Whenever they want to talk to their boyfriend or boyfriends, they do not waste any time and dial the number. It also reflects the talent of girls. Their manner to give a missed call is also very fascinating. The other person comes to know about the missed call and they also able hang the call before he attends it.

At times, the duration of a missed call is even lesser than a fraction of second. It is a special skill that girls have gifted by the creator of the world. Unlucky boys have no choice apart from compromising with the situation and try their best to make their relationship stronger.