How India Can Become A Superpower Nation

Rapid development in Indian economy, improvement in its standard of living and per capita income are main reasons why superpower countries have eye on India. The world has lots of expectation from India. However, to be a superpower Indians have to follow some different ways than Europe and America because quality of being different is the best way to convert into a powerful country.

First of all we have to redefine the meaning of superpower. Does superpower mean the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) of the cold war era? I do not think so. And in case if it is, I never want India to become a superpower nation. Rather I would want India to be a big sized Switzerland or Singapore.


We have to become a giant that neither takes over any nation nor wipes out by others. India should become a superpower that neither endanger nor defenseless. Instead we should endeavor to be a superpower in education, technology and lead the entire world with innovative ideas just like we did at the inception of human civilization. Even I would be more than happy if people know India for its Yoga or Zero instead of victorious India in enormous showdown against Pakistan and China.

Leapfrog technologies have a lot of scope and we should look for them. We have already done it in the field mobile phones revolution. By doing so, we have jumped many years ahead. Indians can come up with innovative equipment, machines, software and effective medical treatments that will become the need of the world. This can surely increase the inflow of foreign money to India.


India has to attain the goal of 100% literacy. It is not good to have more than 300 million uneducated people in a superpower country. The television and mobile phone have to leverage more.

Build networks and platforms to reach the internet connection in every corner of India. Internet can play a big role to improve the education. We have to understand the fact that educating millions of people through traditional ways of education is not possible and it will take a lot of time. But online education can help India achieve 100% literacy relatively in a short period.


Give advanced weapons, necessary equipment and facilities to modernize the Indian police force. There are around 130 policemen for each 10000 people in the country. We need to increase this to the standards of the world i.e. 220 policemen for 10000 people. Secondly, reduce the huge police force from only the security of politicians. Thirdly, train them to properly handle modern law enforcement. It is not possible to grow at the rapid pace in a country without enough law enforcement.

Our current cities have turned to shanties and slums and they are unable to uphold migrants. Building 200 new cities with population of 1-2 million each is a good idea. We have a lot of empty land to do this process.


India has to turn a huge mass of its more than 500 million agricultural workers into the service sector with the help of an industrial revolution.

The Indian economy has to increase very quickly at above 10 percent for the next twenty years. This way we will be able to make enough wealth. At 10 percent economy growth rate, the per-capita Gross Domestic Production (GDP) will increase to $10000 per person early by 2030.

It is necessary to get power reforms at full speed. This way we have to move to the era of solar fuel/cell powered automobiles.

Geo Politics

A superpower cannot have enough bickers and issues with its neighbors. So, India should make a close relationship with Pakistan with respect to Kashmir. The line of control should be made the international border.


We already have an overpopulated nation and yet Indian government has not made one or two child policy compulsory. China has one child policy since 1979 and this is one of the main reasons why Chinese are growing speedily than Indians. The total area of India is 3,287,263 km in comparison to China’s area i.e. 9,706,961 km. It’s clearly visible that China is three times bigger than India and its population is almost same as India. In a few years, India will surpass Chinese population. By 2050 the population of India will be over 1.5 million and to provide enough resources and necessary needs of life to such a massive population, we have to make a lot of amendments otherwise our children will suffer.