Hindus for Trump: Support for Donald Trump by American Indians to Be The US President

Though the majority of Hindus oppose the point of view of Donald Trump toward Muslims, still there are some Hindu right wings that are in favour of Trump’s presidential election. With the growing fame of Trump in American the Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) have made up their mind to go for him. NRIs just want to live safely in the US and avoid any terror activity. The promises given by Trump show that he might get the huge support of American Hindus.

#HindusforTrump has recently become the popular trend on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter not only in the USA but India as well. Many Hindus come in the support of Trump just because they are fed up with the policies of the recent American government wherein they provide monetary support to Pakistani government that ultimately used by the terrorists. On top of this, Trump is giving his impressive speeches to lure the people to vote for him.

Trump As Hindu Deity: Lord Vishnu

Sitting comfortably in the lotus in the yoga posture, Donald Trump is depicted alike Lord Vishnu in the below poster. While all opponents of Trump are appealing the minority population to vote against him, Hindus have a different point of view about him. Social media is playing a big role to divert the mindset of American Hindus. Some people think that Hindus may go for Trump because his Twitter profile shows his “anti-Pakistan” approach and support for the work done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Consequences for Minorities, If Donald Trump Becomes The US President:

He talks about moving Muslims out of the US and make the great wall to stop Mexican migration. If he will be able to do that then I am not sure he will not harm people from other minority religions. Hindus will also be forced to leave the country because of their religion and color. Here American Hindus need to very careful and think deeply before choosing Trump as their elected President.