Height-Increasing Exercises: Grow 2 Inches Taller In 3 Weeks

Increasing your height is possible even after passing your adulthood simply by religiously practicing some effective exercises. Though there are many online and offline platforms where you can get information to increase your height, it is also important to follow the most trustable one.

If you are still confused whether you can grow taller or not, you should continue reading this write-up. I will ensure to provide you some suitable exercises that will not only help you become a tall person but also make you fit and healthy. Regular workout with proper diet can surely is a useful way to boost the height increasing hormones.


Get Strong Muscles With Height-Increasing Workouts:

Height-increasing exercises can really increase a few extra inches. A tall person always looks attractive. You can also improve your personality by doing simple workouts and become taller. While doing exercises your muscles will also get stronger. So you have always an option by exercising to look stunning with an improved height and muscular body.

Stretches to Gain Height:

Stretching is a very simple exercise to loosen up your body. It’s an easy way to become taller. Anybody can perform stretch exercises to gain better result. In the morning or the evening, you can perform warm-up workout to stretch your body. Stretching is also a good practice to get the better body posture.

Advantages of Stretching:

Stretch exercises are not only helpful in gaining extra height but also in improving the complete health. It will provide relief from extreme body pain and make your life happier. Stretching on a regular basis can help you strengthen your spinal cord. The stretching exercise can make your body fit and flexible.


If you want to grow your body, consider twisting. It is easy to perform simply by lying down on the floor and bending your knees from one direction to another. With a little practice you can become familiar with the workout.

Pelvic Shift:

Pelvic shift is good to grow taller in a short span of time. It usually gives more pressure to lower spinal area and hips. Pelvic tilt workout can loosen up your body.

Forward Fold:

In this exercise you need to bend forward while standing straight. Touch your toe from your hands. It is a good practice to loosen up your backbone. You can also do this exercise in a sitting pose.

Cobra Stretch:

To do it you need to lie down on the floor on your stomach. Lift your chest and legs and maintain the position. Perform this exercise for five times and try to hold on the cobra stretch pose for as long as you can.

Calf Stretch:

Make your legs flexible with calf stretch pose. After performing this exercise on a daily basis you can make your legs strong. Perform this exercise for a few seconds from one leg and then repeat from the other leg.

Achilles Tendon:

You have to perform this position by standing straight. It is a good practice for stretching your legs and gain height.

Leg Kick:

Kicking exercise is a good way to strengthen your legs and lower part of your body. Perform this exercise from both of your legs.

Ankle Weights:

Strengthen your knee cartilage with ankle weight to boost your height. Perform it regularly to gain better result quickly.


Lie on the floor bending your knees and feet. Keep your heels near the buttocks. Place your arms just by your sides. Lift your hips and buttocks and hold them for some time.

Inversion Table Workout:

Exercising on inversion table is not so easy. Firstly you have to do this exercise under the surveillance of an expert trainer. However, the workout can give good result to gain some extra inches.

Table Top:

In this exercise you have to make your body in a table top pose. You have to use your hands and your legs to make a table top position.