Hats Off to Angelina Jolie for Her Decision to Undergo Double Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie, a leading Hollywood actress who has given a series of hit films to the Hollywood industry has proved that nothing comes before living a healthy lifestyle. The actress has recently undergone a double mastectomy which means “complete removal of breasts.”

The brave lady took the wise decision to get rid of any risk for breast cancer. Certain genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 raise the risk of breast and ovarian cancer by as much as 80% that the actress has found. If sources are to be believed, Angelina will undergo an ovarian surgery to reduce the risk of cancer.

What have prompted Angelina to take this decision?

There are two main reasons behind her decision for double mastectomy:

Angelina wants to live a healthy life.

She doesn’t want to leave her children at their growing age. Angelina’s mother and older sister were also died from ovarian cancer. Her mother died at her 50s and sister at her younger age. The gruelling fact was enough for Angelina to take this big decision.

Could Angelina’s Decision to Undergo a Mastectomy affect her career?

What do you think? Do you think the decision will affect her career? An actress’ main assets are her curvy figure and toned breasts. If any of the assets she losses, it means she has lost her career. In Angelina case, it might be possible that her blooming career gets some obstacles for the time being, but it cannot stop her to go ahead. Angelina is known for her bold role in films. Most of her movies are full of action, thrills and drama where she was appreciated for her bold role rather than her curvy figure. In case, there is a need to play a hot role to Angelina, it is sure that the lady will manage easily… So, Angelina career will no more affected with this decision. Even she has years of experience in acting and she will manage her new figure and surely be able to perform stunning like before.

Could Angelina’s Decision to Undergo a Mastectomy affect her personal life?

We all know that Angelina and Brad Pitt have been in a happy relationship for years. The decision was big, but it will not affect their relation. According to New York Daily News, Brad Pitt praised Angelina for her “heroic” decision to undergo a double mastectomy. It is simple to understand that Brad wants her girlfriend’s healthy life at any cost; even it affects their intimate lifestyle.