Yoga for Pregnancy: Give Birth to A Healthy Baby

If you want to be a good mamma, you have to care for your child for he/she comes into this world. A healthy woman can only give to a healthy child. Being a woman, you should first care for yourself during pregnancy. Yoga is the best way to stay fit and give birth to a healthy child.

Those women who want to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy should remember to do some small yet healthy exercises. Prenatal yoga has become very popular these days and many professional yoga teachers also give its special classes. Prenatal yoga and cardiovascular exercise are a good combination to remain in an appropriate shape. With this practice, you can tone up your muscle, improve blood circulation and maintain body balance.

Yoga is also good for deep breathing and relaxation, which is beneficial for labor pain, delivery, and maternity. The first and foremost step that is tough in yoga classes is how to breathe completely. Long breathing practice happens on a daily basis to boost stamina. Ujjayi breathing practice is performed in various Yoga practices. Ujjayi is also known as ‘The Ocean Breath’ in terms of yoga. During this practice slowly take in air through the nose and fill your lungs and then hold breathe until you can. Then exhale the air to feel relaxed. Do this practice for 5-10 times daily to improve your stamina.

It has been found in various studies that yoga helps in dealing with stress by simply slowing down breathing and heart beats. Additionally, it helps in decreasing blood pressure that is good for mothers and newly born babies. The advantages of yoga are not restricted to only mother’s health but her child’s as well. Doing this practice also increases the self-confidence of those ladies who worry a lot about bad health in maternity.


Prenatal Yoga In First-Trimester:

Look for a reliable instructor who has experience in prenatal yoga. During your training, make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and then practice yoga postures. Take deep breaths at regular intervals. However, if you feel uneasiness at any point of time, stop the yoga practice then and there. Never force your body to do yoga exercises.

In case you feel any sort of discomfort or pain, inform your instructor without wasting any time. The instructor will recommend you a substitute position.

Prenatal Yoga In Second-Trimester:

In the second phase of the trimester, your joints will loosen up. So you have to be very careful while performing yoga postures. The increasing girth can also disturb your body balance which can cause injury. Take your sweet time and don’t exaggerate yoga asana.

Prenatal Yoga In Third-Trimester:

In the third trimester, the belly grows bigger and it becomes really tough to do standing postures. It’s better to get the support of wall for standing postures to avoid injuries or losing body balance. This can protect both mother and her child. Props like straps and blocks are also helpful to easily move through various postures with steady permanence.

Note: Avoid holding poses for a longer period of time, instead keep on moving.

Best Prenatal Yoga Postures for Pregnancy:

Tailor’s or Cobbler’s Posture: This yoga asana is also called as baddha konasana. The sitting exercise is helpful in opening up the pelvis. Ensure that sit bones are properly grounded on the blanket or mat. Place the rolled up towels or pillows under knees to avert hyperextension of hips.

Cat-Cow or Pelvic Tilt: This yoga posture is good in providing relief to back pain which is a usual problem in maternity.

Squatting: Strengthening the upper legs and opening pelvis are important to feel relaxed.

Side Lying Posture: This could be the perfect last posture. The resting posture is good for complete body relaxation.