Gas Chamber Capital: AAP Has A Lot To Do

The capital of India is none other than a gas chamber staying Supreme Court has given another political stunt to the present Delhi government. AAP turned action without wasting anytime to gain publicity by announcing his decision (without public poll this time) to implement odd-even system for using private vehicles. Instead of improving the public transportation system or making any planning, the chief minister Arvind Kejariwal made an unwanted decision.


With noble or political intension (God knows) the AAP government came into conclusion to implement odd-even system like Beijing. However, they forget to know the fact that Beijing has strong public transportation system, CCTV cameras, bicycle lanes and better safety arrangements for women’s throughout the city. Living in the ground reality is also important before making such big decision. It will make the life of normal citizens miserable and add further trouble.

For instance, if anybody drives odd number plate car on even day, who will come to stop him. And when thousands of people like him come out on the road, what steps the government take figure out them. CCTV cameras are not installed on every roadside poll to note the culprit vehicle number and send the penalty to the vehicle owner’s home. It means traffic police will interfere and start asking penalty from every perpetrator on the wee hours. This will add more traffic jam and increase more pollution to the city.

Need Permanent Solution:

First of all it is important to make Delhi a world class city with better transportation facility. Kejariwal needs to understand that pollution not only incur from vehicles but other factors as well like factories, burning of garbage, dust and dirt. So he should also take some concrete planning towards other major aspects too. Pollution from private vehicles is only 7% and the rest occurs from the other mediums.

I hope the AAP government would look for some permanent solution and make Delhi where I live a better city to breath. Moreover, the Swatch Delhi APP launched by AAP government is not useful for me because there is no place to dump garbage where I live.