Finding Religion Was The Biggest Mistake of Mankind

Do you know the deadly disease that causes maximum lives on earth? What makes people hate others just after knowing his/her name? Why people blindly believe of ancient old texts instead of applying their own brain? How hard it is to live in a conservative society where people even don’t have time to think about their basic needs? These questions stuck my mind day in and day out and make me furious about the blind faith that everyone adheres in today’s fast moving world. I have gone through several religious texts and reading all of them was a good fun! Seriously saying it was nothing more than just a fun. It’s like reading story books which one can enjoy for a while. There is no need to keep the story in mind for a long and move on for some other interesting stuff.


The Biggest Mistake of Humans:

A strong belief on blind faith has done more bad than good to this world. Do god asks you to pray for five times a day or go to church or temple and follow the rituals? Not at all. All these time wasting activities are human made to stay busy in unwanted things and refrain from doing work. The whole life humans spend their precious time on doing prayers and one day die by leaving nothing behind them.

Unfortunate for Lovers:

Religion also restricts two individuals to marry each other. One has to convert into other’s region and then only the love can take place. When the nature has made us to feel for someone, why listen to spiritual gurus and put certain boundaries to live behind curtains. Feeling of warmth can come only with fresh flavors of love that shouldn’t be stopped by any means.

Waste of Time:

Even though the god exists, he does not set any conditions to get his blessings. Only has to be a good human being and help each other to become the favorite follower of almighty. Building temples, mosques and churches is not only a wastage of time but also money. That money can be utilized to feed poor people and give them better life. There is be only one rule of life that you should love yourself first then your family and lastly others whosoever comes to your contact. Doing this can make you a happier person. Moreover, life is too short to do all such spiritual things and it’s better to do all those things that you like most.

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