Extramarital Affair in India – Is It Against Indian Culture?

Today, many married men and women get involved in other relationships in Indian society which has raised a question whether extramarital relationship is against Indian culture. Many people amazed and confused to relate it with Indian culture which is known for a true love for only one life partner. However, the new trend among people has created confusion in the society.

How Extramarital Affairs Are Effecting Indian Society

Day-by-day most educated Indians are adopting western culture. This is one of the main reasons of becoming bold, stylish, funky and thinking broader than one partner relationship. So, this make people look for one more partner apart from the spouse.


Problems Due To Extramarital Affairs

The excessiveness of extramarital relationships has lead to so many adverse affects in a love life. Tension, fights and depression in the faithful spouse are common. Even sometimes these affairs lead to divorce. The end of the relationship is very disturbing for a good marital life. In Indian most couples bound to stay with their partner for their entire life and this happens as well. But due to extramarital affairs, the duration of marriage life has dipped drastically.

Social Unacceptability

Indian society is conservative and people consider extramarital affair as sin. So, there is no way they will accept another relationship apart from the spouse at any cost.