Eat Carefully In Parties

In the party season usually people develop bad habits like food bingeing (overeating any dish). Mixing alcohol with any other drink can create serious problems. So it is better to keep the following points in your mind during parties:

Do Not Visit to Parties with Empty Stomach

Take salad or a complete bowl of vegetable soup, an hour before the party. Doing this can save you from eating spicy food.

Avoid These Dishes

In the party, do not eat too much chocolate, cookies and cake because these are the source of excessive fat, cholesterol and sugar. Apart from this, avoid foods like cheese and red meat because you can see clearly the layer of oil above them.

Drink Lots of Water and You Will Get Detoxify

Do not mix any drink with water. It is one-stop solution for this kind of problem. In such types of circumstances, try to take lemon water, fruit juice and coconut water. If the quantity of alcohol is more in your body, the immune system will become weak, so take a very small sip of it. Try to drink it once in an hour.

Remember the Ratio of 80:20 While Eating in Parties

You can face troubles like weight gain and hangover along with skin problems in the holiday parties. Your skin can be dull and dehydrated because of late night parties. Do not try to fill your plate with food completely. Try small portions of deserts or fried foods. Doing this will help you try different foods without overeating.

It will be better for you to try diet soda, light beer, and coffee which is made of skimmed milk. The 80 percent of your food should be rich from nutrients like whole grain, fresh fruit, vegetable and low fat dairy and 20 percent of food can be fun food of your choice. Apart from this keep these things in your mind always to stay physically active before and after diner. This will help you burn your calorie and you can also deal with the holiday stress.

Protein for Hangover

Do not use coffee to remove hangover. Take high protein breakfast to keep you away from the damage of alcohol in your immune system. Drink orange juice because vitamin C increases the rate of metabolism. Besides this, drink water in a large amount before sleeping. You can also try protein sandwich and use spouse and cheese sandwich as well.