Easy Butt Exercises for Women to Get Round and Big Booty

Effective and Proven Women’s Butt Workouts

I have gone through the interest of women in getting beautifully shaped butts to look attractive. A good figure also boosts confidence to face the world with no fear. Almost 85 percent of women want to improve their personality by shaping up their figure including booty. Gym exercises and common workouts at home both are useful to get well shaped booty.


Round and Big Butt Workouts:

Only exercise is not enough to grow your butts. You have to put some extra efforts. In this blog, I will tell you everything to make your booty firmer, rounder and bigger. The exercises I am going to tell you in this write up are safe and highly effective. You just need to ensure that you do them on a daily basis to get good results in a short period of time.

Hip Lift Progression:

By doing hip lift progression workout you can not only grow your hips but also get rid of pain your back. It is very easy exercise and any woman can do it comfortable by following a few easy steps.

Single Leg Front Raises:

If you want to improve your body balance, single leg front raises is for you. With this workout you can stretch your thighs and butts. Always remember that bigger and loose butts even look worst. So it is also important to tighten up your booty while increasing its size.

Squat with Kick Back:

Simply sit on one of your heels and move your kick back. By doing this your butts and quads get toned up.

Toe Taps:

With toe taps it is possible to tighten the loose part of your butts and give them a beautiful shape. It is also very easy to perform this exercise. Luckily such types of workouts can be done simply by following a few easy steps. One can easily adopt toe taps and make them a regular part of the day to day life.

Single Leg Squat with Towel:

Get rid of messy area in your undies and back bump by doing your butts exercise regularly. Fitness freak women always take care of every part of their body including butt. Single leg squat with towel can help you achieve your goal of well-shaped booty.


Toning up your body is very easy by simple plié workout. It ensures that one gets warmed up muscles to perform daily chores quickly and efficiently.

Explosive Lunges:

With a right move you can strengthen your glutes and explosive lungs simply do that. Balancing your lower part of body is an effective method of getting attractive butts.

Dumbbell Squats:

Exercising by bending your knees with weight in your hands can lead to some powerful moves. Doing this will develop muscles of the lower part of your body.

Sun Salutations:

Sun salutation is a yoga system that can assist your booty. When you move down in a doggy pose, you will feel extreme stretch in your glutes through hamstrings and thighs.

Clam Dig with Rotation:

Hips will move in rotational way to make you feel unbelievable. Clam dig with rotation is simply amazing to move your butts in a rotational way and improve its appearance.

Butt Toners:

Butt toning workouts can give a new shape to your rear. Simple butt toners are easy to perform and get elastic booty.