Donald Trump Could Be The Best President of America

Donald Trump has his unique character which defines him as one of the best to-be President of the United Stated of America. He is not only a good human being but also a famous personality in the business world. Being a chairman of The Trump Organization and Trump Entertainment Resorts he has done tremendous works to meet the high standards. The talented personality is a temple of knowledge who can spread positivity throughout the world after getting the throne of American President.


Though he has announced his nomination as the US President in the 2016 election from Republican Party, in fact he is not dependent of any party. His popularity among Americans has grown dramatically after his immigration proposal. His vision to make the US and the rest of the world free from terrorism is simply amazing and widely accepted. Many people also criticized him for his remarks on Muslim migration proposal. Still he is in the strong candidacy race to become the forthcoming President of America.

Why Donald Trump Could Be The Best President of America?

  • Trump always talks about efficiency and he has fire to set new goals and achieve them. His visionary approach is much needed during the slowdown in the country’s economy.
  • He has a great immigration proposal to build the great wall between the USA and Mexico. This will cut down the illegal immigration from Mexico. The best part about his proposal is that he will be paying Mexico for this great wall. So nobody is in loss.
  • Tough actions will be taken against terrorist groups like Taliban and ISIS. The world is fighting against terrorism and the U.S. is ahead of everyone. The U.S. is not only fighting against terrorism in its own country but other countries as well like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. So Trump’s plans against terrorism will surely provide global help.
  • Trump is self-confident man who has clear political vision. He is a rich businessman so there is no need to worry about getting involved in corruption for small penny.
  • Trump is super rich because he knows how to get succeed financially. The U.S is having debt of around trillions of dollars and the country has been suffering a lot because of this financial burden. Trump is the right person to be the President of America and turn the things in other way.
  • He believes in strong military as well as in free enterprise to boost the economy. His ability can help the nation build up again strong.
  • Trump knows how to negotiate and sign important deals. He can do so for the interest of public too. He can make complex projects look simpler.
  • His one of the inspiring slogans “Make America great again!” is welcomed by most of the citizens. He is ambitious man and can be the great future for America.
  • Maybe or maybe not he respects all races and religions. Though he calls Mexicans as “criminals, rapists, drug dealers” and came with a proposal to stop Muslim migration, he has always financially helped other race and religion people.
  • He does not fear to share his opinion. In politics this bravery is needed for the transparency of governance.
  • Trump claims to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. I don’t know what his are plans to do so but who knows he is Donald Trump.

He talks about getting back jobs and money from Mexico, Japan, China and other parts of the world. As of now we have seen the blunt approach of Trump before presidency election and later on he may change his stance once he becomes the President of America.