Different Types of Computer Memory

Computer memory is also called as Random Access Memory (RAM). It executes the data in which you work on your PC. The more computer memory is installed in your computer, the faster your computer works. It is the main part of your computer because it stores all-important data that is required to work on your computer. With an efficient RAM, you can access your all applications, files, folders and others in a fraction of second. It does not matter which size of data, sound, picture or simple text you are using; RAM loads them very fast.

Many people upgrade computer memory but still face several problems. They find it tough to install RAM by their own. However, you do not need to worry because there are a number of computer memories available in the market that consider for your motherboard. If you are not aware of the motherboard, you can find it inside your PC. It is a circuit board which connects your computer with its other parts.

There are mainly two types of RAM namely DDR and SDRAM. The SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) is very common among people. It is generally added to the desktop computer. On the other hand, the speed of DDR is double than SDRAM. You can easily make a difference between these two computer memories.

If you want to change your RAM from SDRAM to DDR, but your motherboard has only SDRAM slots, you cannot do anything. For this, you need to buy a latest motherboard with DDR slots. To check the RAM in your computer, you can read the manual which you have received at the time of purchasing your PC or if you have a custom-built PC, you can check the manual of motherboard.

In case, you have a PDA or laptop, the RAM in these devices is known as SODIMM. It is expensive than regular SDRAM or DDR RAM. Also, a normal person cannot install it very unknowingly. You can take help of a hardware engineer to complete this process.

After knowing about different kinds of RAM, you should look from where you can buy it and how to install it. You can either buy it from a computer store nearby your location or online through internet. In computer store, you can find people to help you for installing the RAM. If you are installing it on your own, you should first read the manual thoroughly and then only try it.