Dangal of Yadav Clan: Real Or Political Stunt?

Today, Neta Ji (Mulayam Singh Yadav) has expelled his own son (Akhilesh Yadav) and the CM of Uttar Pradesh from Samajawadi Party. This has evolved curiosity among other political parties to know the reality behind the decision. As of now, CM is quiet but he will surely speak in the days to come. The election is just around the corner and Neja Ji took a shocking and unfavourable decision. Even left parties are confused. Some people are saying it is a political stunt to gain the sympathy for 2017 elections. Others are perplexed and not commenting.


Game Of Thrones In UP

BJP and BSP, the other two main contenders of UP elections are targeting the Yadav clan. Neja Ji’s brother Shivpal Yadav is also in the game of thrones. The ruling party, Samajawadi Party has played a strong role in the development of UP. Still poor people, helpless farmers and unemployment youth are in millions in the state. The ground reality is not yet changed and just a few selected areas are developed a rapidly. Overall development requires more concentration on the public welfare schemes and result-driven policies, not on a family battle.

Ruling Government Or Ruling Family

In democracy, everyone has the right to get elected, but it does not happen in India. On paper, it is possible for every citizen to participate in elections and compete with others. However, strong people of the society never allow others who are not from the same blood come into the top positions. It is not new and the history of India tells us about one family ruling the country for more than 60 years. Electoral CM or PM candidates should not be selected by seeing his/her DNA, instead the talent and patriotism for the nation.

Who Is Going To Win The Battle of 2017 UP Elections?

I think time has changed and people are now digitally stronger than ever. Citizens of Uttar Pradesh will use online platforms like social media and mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp to select their electoral candidate. The development roadmap of last five years is also going to play an essential role. I think PM Modi’s impact and Yadav Family Battle are two factors that will affect the mind-set of people. Religious and Dalit cards are old and don’t impact the upcoming elections.

Let’s wait and watch what is gonna happen in the 2017 UP elections. My fingers are crossed and I am hoping for the bright future of Uttar Pradesh!