Check Out The Viral Video of Anjali Ramkissoon Trying to Hijack An Uber Driver

Such a bad behaviour by a crazy woman in Miami leads to the viral video on YouTube. The woman namely Anjali Ramkissoon was completely drunk and she literally abused the innocent Uber driver. Uber cab drivers have recently come into limelight because of their bad behaviour with women across the world. However, this is completely a different case wherein a woman abused the driver. She threw out her important document and iPhone from his taxi in a manner that she has lost her senses.

Story of that night:

  • An arrogant woman got into an argument with the taxi driver and attacked him. She unleashed blows on the Uber driver but he didn’t react. When the driver tried to stop her from doing misbehaviour, she abused him and shouted in a loud voice.
  • After beating the driver, Anjali got into the vehicle and started throwing his belongings like scissor, iPhone and several documents.
  • Then she left shouting, abusing and laughing at him.

After that mishap, the driver informed the police and they put her in the police car. She became innocent and started crying like a child and apologized for her misbehaviour.

Anjali Ramkissoon, the culprit is employed by Jackson Health System. She has been put on leaves by the hospital administration. They are investigating on the matter and if she is found complete perpetrator on the case, she might get termination from all her clinical duties.