Black Money and The Power

Black money is a big issue for every economy which leads to problems like terrorism, money laundry, crime, etc. Excess of money and power are equivalent because an ordinary person can hardly get enough money to survive.

In developing nations like India, black money deeply hurts poor people as richie rich leave nothing for poor to survive. The recent attack (banning 500 and 1000 currency) of Prime Minister Narendra Modi hurt badly to black money holders. Many of them died from heart attack. This is good for the nation that I feel should continue and India should move towards cashless economy.

Money and The Power

In today’s time, power comes with the flow of money. The more money an individual has, the more powerful he is known. If you have limited sources of earning, it would be pretty difficult for you to compete in this cruel world.
Living A Peaceful Life

If you want to live a happy life with your family, I would suggest you to stay away from black money because extra money steals your sleep. And if that money is earned by doing wrongdoings, it hurts more. Alternates are there for everything and you can get suitable and affordable products or services with a little search.

Protect The Loot

Black money holders loot their society and they don’t get proper sleep. They are afraid of being captured by income tax department.

Convert Black Into White

Many people are involved in practices wherein they convert their black money into white. By doing so they use hard-earned money of others who later on face bad consequences. Society as a whole can only help in eradicating this menace. During this process of getting rid of black money, people may come across some problems like in denomination of notes in India, but I think it is overall good for everyone. People should not think about short term problems like standing in queues and force on larger issue i.e. black money.

Power of Mafias, Criminals, Terrorists and Politicians

Citizens are penalized by mafias, criminals, terrorists and politicians because they use power of money. If they don’t have excessive money with them, normal people are more powerful than such devils of humanity.