Best Pool Tips: Remember While Playing Table Sport

Pool is a sport for those people who can set their targets properly. You need to pot balls whenever you get opportunities to be a winner. How often you make strategies for playing pool? It is very necessary because without proper planning it would be really tough to beat a strong opponent.

Your first priority should be to know his (opponent’s) strong and weak points. If you have played a game with him earlier, you might have some ideas. In case you have never met him face-to-face on a pool table, you should become extra careful. To improve your skills, you should remember a few major points which you can apply at different stages of the game.

Hold the Stick Correctly: Your first task should be to hit the balls accurately from your stick. And for this, it is important to hold your stick in a right way. If you are a right-hander, hold the stick from your right hand at 2 – 3 inches bottom from its end. Give some gap from the last end of the stick so you can grip it properly.

A wrong timing can affect a lot while hitting the bolls. Even you may enter opponent’s ball(s) inside the hole mistakenly. It can cost you by two ways. First of all, you may pot a wrong ball and second there would be a fault. He will get an extra chance to strike the balls.

Body Movements: The right position of your body is required to win a pool match comprehensively. You should be aware of the movements of your hands and legs. How much you need to bend your back? If you make a proper curve of your body, it would be easier for you to sight the target.

Always, keep your eyes on the table and observe your competitor’s shots. Many times, you need to make some instant decisions and it is a fact that without proper knowledge about the rules and regulations, you mayn’t achieve your goal. So, I would suggest you to take the help of a trainer or an experienced person to clarify your doubts.

Color of Different Balls: You should be aware of the difference between solid and stripes. Both of them are different color balls and you need to hit yours (solid or stripes). However, the rule is different in 9 balls game. But still you should know the difference between these. While making your target, ensure that you not hit the wrong balls.

Apart from your opponent’s weak points, you should know your drawbacks. If you know those, you can work to improve and get the best possible result.