Best 25 WordPress Plugins for Your Website

If you have a blog or website designed in WordPress platform, it is important to install useful plug-ins that can help you work on your blog/website easily. Downloading WordPress plugins is also very easy. You can simply login to your WordPress site and install plugins.


Free WordPress Plugins:

  1. Redirection: You can create the desired redirection rules like automatic forwarding for a changed URL to any post or an external website which is linked to a wrong page. It is the best plugin to redirect incoming traffic.
  2. Search Regex: This is used for replacing capabilities and searches. Users can easily find the required info and then you can replace the stored data on your website including meta data, excerpts, post titles and comments. The plugin also works with regular expressions.
  3. Bing 404: In case your website shows a 404 page with disabled redirection, Bing 404 plugin will show links to articles of the same error page.
  4. W3 Total Cache: The caching plugin will improve the score of your website for fast speed. W3 Total Cache works far better than Hyper Cache (a WordPress plugin). The plugin minifies cache database queries, scripts and also includes expiration tags to various static images.
  5. WordPress SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the demanding technique for website owners. With the help of SEO plugin, you can add required meta tags for better search Google snippets, block archive pages (duplicate pages), and create quality titles.
  6. 404 Email Notifier: If any visitor receives a 404 page while accessing your site, this plugin will send you a notification on your email address. The message includes complete details about the visitor’s IP address, referral URL which leads to the broken link and the type of browser visitor is using.
  7. SlideShare: Using short codes, you can easily embed your SlideShare presentations on your posts.
  8. YARRP: This will add relative links of your blog post to other posts which have related content similar to your present post. The plugin will also expose the archive to search bots.
  9. Smart YouTube: You can easily embed YouTube videos on your posts via their URLs. Also, it allows you to customize the embedded player. You can use it to embed videos from Vimeo and Facebook.
  10. Debug Queries: Are you facing slowness issue to load your website? If yes, Debug Queries plugin is one of the best alternatives. It allows determining the exact MySQL queries which are slow to execute. There is one more helpful plugin i.e. Debug Bar that shows PHP queries, warnings and related debugging details in admin bar of WordPress account.
  11. Google XML Sitemaps: In order to let Google and other major search engines come to know about latest changes on your web pages you can create an XML Sitemap using Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
  12. WP Optimize: In order to consume limited space, you can use WP Optimize. It will clean-up database tables from your WordPress website. Also, it removes trash spam comments, optimize MySQL tables and post revisions.
  13. Auto Post Thumbnail: Firstly, thumbnail images were added by WordPress in version 2.9 to posts. However, if users have been using this platform for long, thumbnails may not show on your posts. With the help of this plugin, thumbnails will automatically create on your blog posts using the first posted image on the particular post.
  14. Regenerate Thumbnails: After changing the default size which includes height and width of featured images or thumbnails on your site, you can use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to recreate thumbnails with different dimensions.
  15. Advanced Excerpt: Many times, post excerpts of WordPress appear with […] ellipsis. With this plugin, you can also customize the length of excerpts and remove ellipsis from your blog.
  16. WP-Associatizer: If you are using any Amazon associated ID on your blog, the plugin will rewrite Amazon links automatically.
  17. XML Video Sitemap: If you want to create an XML Sitemap to add embedded YouTube videos on your site, you can use this plugin.
  18. Login Logger: If you have created a Login option for your users on your website, it is also necessary to keep an eye on their login related problems. Login Logger will provide you complete info about logs for time, date and IP address for login attempts on your WordPress website.
  19. Pubsubhubbub: The plugin will protect your content from content scrapers who are looking to steal others’ newly published write-ups. Whenever you publish any content on your blog, this plugin will promptly ping Google to prove that you have added original content.
  20. Date in a Nice Tone: Using this plugin, you can also display dates in an alternative way on your posts. Even it shows the date which has passed away.
  21. Template Tag SC: There are many template tags offered by WordPress such as – wp_tag_cloud() or wp_list_pages() – which are used in theme files. You can use this plugin to insert the desired template tags directly on web pages or blog posts using Short Codes.
  22. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: For those who embed code snippets regularly on their posts, the plugin is helpful to highlight or show differently the syntax of source code in various colors. This makes reading comfortable and reader friendly. The plugin supports almost all famous programming languages.
  23. All in One SEO Pack: This plugin offers various features that are useful for your website like Google Analytics Support, Meta tags publication, Custom Post Types, CMS-style for installation, Canonical URLs and mare more.
  24. CF Shortcode: The plugin gives a visual editor which you can use to insert customized fields on your blog posts. This becomes extremely useful when people want to include custom JavaScript inside posts.
  25. WP-DBManager: It is also important to keep a backup of your hard work. The plugin gives you exactly the same thing and you can backup your database manually. Even you can set up an automatic scheduling for backup. You will receive the backup file on your mentioned email address.