Beautiful Indian Girls Prefer Smoking and Drinking

Indians girls are not behind boys in any field so why left liquor and cigarette. Young girls are influenced by the western culture and they try to adopt everything happens in the west. Surely they tend to get attracted toward smoking and drinking. Late night parties are common in big cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kolkata.

In front of elders most girls become innocent like children but when they join the youngster’s group, their reality comes out. They not only drink and smoke but also hang out with boys, go to pubs and other enjoyment places. Groups of friends have almost similar habits. And if someone is smoking or drinking in the group, he/she insists others to do the same. Youngsters adopt such unhealthy activities very easily. Many girls also want to show their high class and status to others by consuming alcohol and smoking puffs of cigarette.


Indian culture does not allow girls to smoke or drink. Old people want girls to just stay at home and do household work for their family. However as more girls are getting educated, they are adopting modern culture leaving their traditional values behind.

College Going and Call Centre Girls Smoke and Drink More:

Most of the college going and call centre girls are into smoking and drinking. In colleges girls get freedom. After going through tough phase of strict rules and regulations in school when girls enter into college they get more freedom to enjoy their life. They make new friends with whom they have fun and also become habitual of bad habits like smoking and drinking. On the other hand call centre girls work in night shifts and because of overloaded work they consume smoking to get relief. This makes them habitual of smoking and drinking.

Health Issues:

Those women who smoke and drink face a lot of problems during pregnancy. They should avoid such things during pregnancy to avoid miscarriage. Cancer and lever diseases also occur due to smoking and drinking.