Bad Review of Tiger Zinda Hai Movie

First of all, the reality based movie Tiger Zinda Hai has many things unreal that makes it useless to watch. I wasted my time on it and get bored. Tiger (Salman Khan) was seen fighting with hundreds of ISIS terrorists alone, which makes it even more unrealistic.

Can Indian and Pakistani RAW and ISI agents work together in even dreams? Not possible right. Just to make more money in both the countries the false thing has been shown. Watching this movie is such a waste of time and money that I suggest you to not do, if you are planning to watch it. As all know that Katrina Kaif does not know how to act on screen has proved once again in Tiger Zinda Hai. Nothing can be expected from her in her role. Worst acting!

If you think that it is an action movie, I would like to tell you that fighting with wolf and terrorists is not worth watching. A fight looks interesting when little bit reality is involved in it, but wolves are attacking a man and a kid and they are talking like they are sitting in a dining table.

On top of it, if you think that it is a romantic movie then forget it. There is no romance and such boring married agents are talking of their mission. Only two songs in the movie which make it a Non-Bollywood type of film.

But, if you are a big fan of Salman Khan, you should go and watch it to at least respect the great actor. Overall, it is an average movie. Not too good like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan.