Attitude of Girls After Reading Non-Veg Messages

Girls love to read and enjoy dirty messages but they don’t show its reality to everyone. It remains secret within a few selected friends. Boys remained puzzled about girls’ interest toward adultery talks. This makes them confused throughout their friendship relationship with female friends.

Do know how many girls read non veg message? Though, most of them show themselves that they are not aware of the words Non Veg message, it’s the fact that they enjoy reading such types of messages. If you check the message box of any girl, you can find a number of adult messages.

After receiving a non-veg message or video, first girls read it, giggle, laugh and enjoy their good time and then forward it to their other friends. But still the behavior to sender remains the same. Girls just want to show that they are innocent and make strange faces when they listen to odious words (like they have never heard such words before).

“What is porn? Listen I am an innocent and I do not know what all these mean“. This is the common reply when a boy asks any girl about non veg message.

Though, girls may not consume chicken, they eat the precious mind of boys that does not have any replacement apart from shifting home to mental hospital. Guys are sick of listening rubbish stories of their dogs, nail polish, dresses and jealousy from other girls.


What Actually Girls think about Non Veg Message?

Enjoyable, funny or interesting! Which one out of them you are thinking of? What girls think about non veg message? If I say all of them, yes they enjoy as well, make fun of them and learn something new for their upcoming life with their boyfriend and husband. They have only one slogan for such messages “collect the knowledge from all the possible sources”.

How Dare You to Send Me Non Veg Message?

In the beginning of friendship, boys feel shy to send such SMSES. But as the time passes on they become closer and guys show some courage to send what girls really want. However girls still do not leave any chance to show their attitude. Within a few minutes, they reply stating “How can you send this message to an innocent girl?”

Then a long message war starts from both the sides. In fact, it’s a one-sided war because in each boy’s message, there is a sorry word. That’s the right moment for girls to show their virtue. Before marriage all boys are slave of their girlfriends (after marriage the situation is totally reciprocal). So, poor guys have no option apart from accepting their mistake.

After a long conversation, when girls think that they have won the battle, they gently say a few words with smile on their faces “if you have more messages like this one, then please forward me”.

The attitude of girls after porn message is simply different than how they feel about it. The fact and reality do not change in spite of the gender. Girls should also accept that they like porn message openly like boys.