How To Apply Mehendi On Your Hands

Mehendi (Henna) is used by people to color their hair or make beautiful designs on their hands. There are plenty of Mehendi artworks available and designers also come up with new ideas to make them more interesting. Mehendi exists in many cultures and it is really tough to track the exact century when it was originated.

Mehendi Used By Indian Women in Special Occasions:

On many occasions females apply Mehendi art on their hands. Indian weeding is incomplete without it. Apart from bride, you can also find in a few Indian marriages wherein groom adds attractive designs of Mehendi on his hands.

In festivals like Teej and Karva Chauth, wives pray for their husband’s long life. They also beautify their hands from Mehendi to impress their hubby and make their love relationship stronger.

Preparing Mehendi

You can also make Mehendi on your own. The process is very simple and anybody can do it with a little efforts. For this, you need to dry henna leaves for a few days in sunlight. It will take around one or two week to completely dry out the leaves.

Then you need to grind those leaves properly. If you do not have enough time to perform this process, you can buy henna powder from your nearby shop.

What All You Need?

  1. Stained tea decoction
  2. Henna powder sieved via a muslin fabric
  3. Strained lime juice
  4. A few drops of eucalyptus oil
  5. One tablespoon sugar

Now, take a bowl and put a little amount of henna power in it. Add stained tea decoction in the bowl and mix it completely with henna. Make it like a thick paste and then add lime juice, sugar and eucalyptus oil. Mix it slowly and steadily until these are converted to a smooth paste. Cover the paste for a few hours before applying it.

Making a Cone

You require a thick freezer bag or a plastic cover to create a cone. For this, you just need to cut anyone of these into a rectangle shape. After that you can easily twist its corner and make a cone. Ensure that you tighten its tip to create a tiny hole.

In case you do not have enough time to create a cone, simply buy it from the market.

Applying Mehendi On Your Hands:

Now, take the cone which you have created by the above steps. There are many Mehendi designs available and you first need to choose the one which you want on your hands. You can also create your own design or write your or your beloved’s name.


These days, there are some manufactures that use chemicals to create henna. If your skin is sensitive, an inappropriate substance can lead to allergy. Thus, it is better to check with a little amount of Mehendi on your palm before applying it completely. If you face any allergy, never use such product in your hands. Instead look for some other brand of henna or buy handmade Mehendi.

Henna Or Mehendi Tattoos:

Beautiful Tattoos are also created by using henna. The best part about henna tattoos is that they are not permanent. After sometimes they get vanished from your body. So if the fashion trend changes, it would be possible for you to add a fresh tattoo in your body.

Steps to Add Henna Tattoo:

Use water and soap to properly wash the area where you want to add Mehendi tattoo.
To make the henna more firm, make sure to mix sugar and lemon in it.
Remember to keep it on your hands for ten to twelve hours and then scrape it off to get the maximum colored henna.
Once the tattoo gets dry, steam it using cloves. This is helpful to get dark colored Mehendi. A dark colored Mehendi lasts for 2 – 3 weeks.