Antilla House: Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai: Review

Mukesh Ambani is not only a good businessman but also a nice family man. He constructed a wonderful house in Mumbai named as Antilla. If you have never thought of any expensive and well-constructed house, Antilla is one of the best examples. The house is located on Altamount Road in Mumbai.

He has already declared the richest businessman in India as per the recent data. Mukesh Ambani’s shares are reaching to the sky. His brother, Anil Ambani has also started the construction of Anil Ambani House nearby Bandra Palli Hill and Sachin Tendulkar at the Perry Cross Road. Mukesh Ambani also threw a party at Antilla after Sachin’s 100th hundred in international matches.

The security of the house is also very tight. No stranger can enter inside without taking appointment from Mukesh Ambani. More than 600 housekeeping and guards have arranged. In last Diwali, Mukesh Ambani shifted to the new house Antilla with his wife and kids.

Antilla House: Cost, Tall, Designers

The cost of Antilla is Rs. 4, 000 crores and it is 173 meter tall. Entire architecture of popular house is designed and applied by famous designers of Chicago .i.e. Will and Perkins. The house is equal to 60 storeyed tower, however it’s each floor has double height than a usual floor.

Therefore, the Antilla has constructed with 27 floors. The house is more than twice taller than other towers of Mumbai. The amazing view from the top of the house of the India’s industrial capital city is breathtaking. If you love heights, wish to visit the house.

Antilla is situated at the center of Mumbai. It has area of around 400, 000 square feet including Guest accommodations, floor space, a Ball-Room, Artistic Residential, Maintenance levels, Gyms, Garden level, Private theatre Pool, Ice room and Seven Stories Parking. Additionally, it includes Dining Room, the Study, Lobby, Yoga Halls, Jacuzzi, Exotic Bathrooms, Dance Halls, Terrance and Personal Helipad.

Interiors of Antilla are specially designed. If you see them, you cannot move your eyes out of their beauty. The house is like an ancient time’s king palace. Everyone is living perfectly in the home as it is designed in a planned way.

Neeta Ambani, wife of Mukesh Ambani had bought each stone for her home carefully. She purchased 25, 000 pieces of high-quality chinaware from Sri Lanka for Antilla. Both internal and external look of Antilla have made it a beautiful place to live-in. The comfort in Antilla plays a lot for Ambani family which they are receiving from the first day.