Anna Hazare: Wife and Family

The real name of Anna Hazare is Kisan Baburao Hazare. He is a social activist and fighting for social issues like rural development, corruption and government transparency. He has also taken many hunger strikes to pass Jan Lokpal Bill by government. Anna was honored with Padma Bhushan in 1992 by Indian government for his great contribution to the country. He was into army and recruited for India-China war in 1962. He was also posted to border for India-Pakistan war in 1965. During that war, he was the only survivor of opponent military force’s attack. He showed his courage in Indian victory and became well-known.

His indefinite hunger strikes had made the country together. First time in the history of India, large population of billions came together to support Anna. He is still fighting for corruption in the country which is the major issue. Many people have also joined him for this social activity and created a team known as Team Anna. In his recent hunger strike in Jantar Mantar, he declared that his team may think to enter in politics as an alternative. Government has not responded to his hunger strike; so he and his team decided to enter into politics. But Anna is not planning to join politics and may be his team members will create a party and look for 2014’s election.

Is Anna Hazare Married?

Anna has been living in a small room which is attached to Sant Yadavbaba temple situated in Ralegan Siddhi. He is living there since 1975. He is unmarried. He decided to remain bachelor for his country so that he can work for the development of India.

He is the eldest son in his family with four brothers and two sisters. He got the name Anna, a Marathi word because it denotes a power of an elder son. The word Anna has equal respect as father in a family. His father used to work in a pharmacy and faced lots of financial problems to support the family.

After a few time, his family moved to a village namely Ralegan Siddhi where his father owned a farmland. A relative helped Anna to study. He took Anna to Mumbai because there was no primary school in the village. However, his siblings did not get any school facility. Anna also sold different types of flowers at railway stations in Mumbai. After some time, he started his two own flower shops in the city.

Anna’s Fight for Lokpal Bill

Fight for Jan Lokpal Bill was started by Anna Hazare against central government (Congress). More than a year has passed away, but still there is no sign of Lokpal Bill. However, during Anna’s hunger strikes many Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders were gathered with Anna and demanded war against corruption.

With Anna, BJP leader Arun Jaitley said, government should think Anna’s demand seriously. And center government should not take it as a political issue. However, in recent election, United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has not performed well. Is that happened due to Anna? It’s a main question answer of which most of the leaders and people are seeking.

The social activist is now again planning to start a hunger strike in May and then a move named ‘Jail Bharo’ in August. It is suspicious that whether BJP is going to again come on the stage to support Anna. But it is the fact that Anna’s protest has support BJP directly or indirectly in recent election success.

Anna Hazare Vs. Congress

Anna announced that he and his team members will oppose the UPA in upcoming elections, in case they do not pass the Lokpal Bill till winter. If Lokpal Bill will not prevail, FIR is going to launch against corrupted ministers. Who will give them punishment? Nobody knows its answer because ministers will never let the Lokpal Bill take action against them.

In the list of corrupted politicians, there are many members of Congress. Anna already gave a warning that if there is no action taken against the corrupted leaders until August then Jail Bharo movement will begin in entire country.

Congress speaker Rashid Alvi said that Anna has right for hunger strike. However, the end decision to make any law will be taken by the parliament not by any individual. Anna’s hunger strike can’t affect it. People select their representatives for parliament by keeping in mind all-important aspects. And such members of parliament make a law that is useful for everyone.

After Anna’s announcement for Jail Bharo movement, UPA members strongly opposed it in parliament. Even they wanted an action against Team Anna. But speaker Meira Kumar stated them to follow the rules of parliament.

In Jantar Mantar, Delhi, Anna said if we have strong Lakpal Bill, we could save the lives of martyr. Many people came to support Anna in his last protect against corruption in Jantar Mantar wherein he announced about future movements. Yet there is no sign of any step by the government to accept Team Anna’s all the demands in Lokpal Bill.