All Religions Are One

Usually, people have diverse mindset about their and others’ religions. At times they start making differentiation among themselves just for the sake of their religions. Do you really think one person is really different from another?
All religions have a same base to spread awareness about truth and humanity, then why we make them different. Priest, Bishop, Mullah, Pandit and other trained people in the doctrine laws of various religions also say that all humans are same. The way to express certain things may differ but the end motive of all the religions is same.

In different countries, people speak different languages. However, they all want to express their feelings to others via one or the other language. Similar to this example, all religions may have diverse ways to follow particular things but they just want to express belief of a divine power which has created the universe.

One God

We all know that God is only one for all the religions and we just address the originator of the universe from different names. Even the same things are taught in all the religions. Still many people try to prove their religions better than others. But the reality is that all of them are related among themselves. If you raise one question from any religion, the same question will rise on your religion too because all religions are same.
Strong belief in your religion is necessary to show your face to God, one day. At that point of time, God will also ask you many questions, if you have said anything about him (God) using his different names.

Jesus Christ, Allah, Bhagwan, Waheguru, Hebrew Scriptures and others are some of the names of God. But the creator of the world is still same and God’s grace is similar for mankind. In God’s eyes we all are similar and there is no difference among us. Human beings should also follow God and see each living thing on earth with same point of view.

Try to Know All Religions

The divine power which has created the universe is none other than inside you. God lives in all human beings and if you feel him, you can easily find the salvation.

All religions have something for you to learn and implement in your life. After that you can also spread the awareness about humanity with others.

By reading religious books can you not only help yourself to reach to a level where you can not only act like a sinless person but also guide others and aware them about all the religions.

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