All Men Are Not Rapist

Rape is one of the common crimes against women in every society and whenever it occurs many women start defaming the entire men community. In fact the blame game does not stop just because the men dominated society has only power to show in such matters. Recently I came across a Tweet by a journalist wherein she was blindly blaming men and their misuse of power citing a gang rape. But those rapists have nothing to do with me and other men who stay away from such criminal activities. By seeing such blames I feel ashamed to be a man.


Biased Behavior of Media Against Men:

Good men also exist to the world who help the needy people in various tough situations. They also help stranded and poverty-stricken women. But the cruel media has no time cover such news. They think it’s a duty of every man to help needy individuals. Only negative aspects of men are highlighted with utmost priority. However, this is not a positive signal for any society.

Develops Lack of Trust:

When one part of society is blamed for everything, it becomes really difficult to trust it. Can any woman ask for help from men in such an atmosphere? Absolutely not! She will feel afraid even if there is a reliable man in front of her. So why create such an environment wherein one gender is completely blamed just because of a few criminals. That does not solve any problem even never allows to find the best possible solution.

Breaks Relationship:

Misconception about a male partner is not good for a healthy love relationship. This can lead to uncertain situations. Women are very sensitive and if they get doubt about anything, it’s very difficult to change their mindset. A relationship is built on a tiny trust line and if it is broken, it’s hard to sustain that relation. Male and female both have to play their respective part to go on and take the relation further. However, if a women losses her trust over the male partner, she may not have enough affection for him. You can’t blame the entire male community for one’s mistake. That’s why such wrong representation about male society on the basis of a few rape cases is not justifiable.


I have seen many circumstances where men don’t afraid of losing their own life and bravely save so many other lives. Such brave hearted men deserve praise and awards. This way it would be easier to remove the bad image of men in front of their female counterpart.