21 Vastu Tips To Become Rich and Wealthy

Vastu shastra is a traditional Hindu way of architect. It’s an ancient technique to beautifully design a building by including vastu tips in design, spatial geometry, layout, ground preparation and measurements. If you use vastu tips properly, you can also become rich. Many well-known rich people make use of vasu in their life and get succeed.

The main aim to follow vastu shastra is to keep the Lord Kuber happy. Lord Kuber is the god of wealth and if you are able to make him happy, he will shower wealth and money on you. Vasu tips are designed to impress Lord Kuber and structured in a right manner to fulfill your desire to become a rich man.

Many people stay confused and don’t know how to please Lord Kuber. You have to be honest to yourself and follow vastu tips properly to make him happy. Vastu guidelines are designed in such a way that these make Lord Kuber happy, only if followed honestly.

Ensure to devote yourself towards vastu so that you can reap its good results and become a rich person in a short period of time.

  1. Purple color is known to represent money; so you have to keep a purple colored plant at your home. Buy a dark purple colored plant for your home as per vastu to become rich. In case purple colored plant is not available, you can put a money plant at your home which is in purple colored pot. Remember that purple color should be present either in plant or pot.
  2. Don’t construct any water body or swimming pool below the ground level in the south-west direction at any building like home or office.
  3. Feeding birds is also important in vastu as it generate positive vibes that leads to wealth and prosperity. You can use a port’s yard to feed grain and water for birds.
  4. Put the almirah having money and cash locker near South or South-West wall that direct to North. North direction relates to Lord Kuber and if he blesses you, you will get lots of money. Remember to avoid putting cash locket in other directions.
  5. Beautifully decorate the entrance gate of your house for wealth and prosperity. Also place a number plate outside the house in attractive colors and designs.
  6. Never think to put your cash locker under beam because it can lead to financial problems.
  7. Put a mirror in front of the cash locker that will reflect a good image and double your income.
  8. A fish aquarium is necessary at your home as per the vastue. Make sure to keep the aquarium in North-East direction of living room or hall. Hygiene of the aquarium is also important so keep it neat and clean.
  9. To increase your wealth and prosperity, you should keep the North-East free from cutter. Also don’t place any suitcase or heavy machinery in this direction to avoid any misfortune.
  10. Don’t buy a flat or plot in front North-East direction. In case there is any temple or building in this direction, ensure that its shadow is not coming to the house.
  11. Don’t build any curved wall in the North-East direction. It’s better to build corners at the right angles. Right selection of walls is a good way to build a house as per the vastu.
  12. Build a fountain in the North-East direction of your home. Also remember to maintain the water fountain properly so that water always flow. Flowing water is fortunate and good for wealth and prosperity.
  13. The South-West area of the house should be higher than the North-East area. The roof of your house should slope down from South-West to North-East. The direction rule should be followed diligently in vastu to get its true benefits.
  14. The West and South direction walls should thicker and higher than East and North direction walls.
  15. Leaking water is not good as per the vastu it denotes to waste of money. Make sure to repair faucets and taps at your home immediately.
  16. Cleanliness of the windows and doors is essential. Dirt or dust is not accepted in vastu shastra.
  17. The plot you are thinking to buy should be at the same level to the adjoining road. Never buy a plot which is lower than the adjoining road.
  18. Build a store room in West or South-West direction to get good fortune.
  19. Keep the centre of the house free and leave enough space in this area. Never think to construction anything in this area apart from temple.
  20. Don’t plant tree higher than your house in North-East direction as it can stop the flow of money to your home.
  21. Money plants should be planted in the South-West direction. This is not only required for a good fortune in terms of money but for your family stability and happiness as well.